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We specialize in IT strategy consulting and delivering digital transformation services to help businesses of all sizes remain competitive and profitable


High Quality Web & Mobile Application Design & Development that will help you to achieve new heights in your business.


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Trusted partner in software development and IT consulting

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We specialize in IT strategy consulting and digital transformation. With offices in Lagos Nigeria, and London, our professionals are dedicated to the innovation and development of quality software for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We develop software, provide maintenance and support services. We carry out complex projects that require diverse skills and enable business growth through the selection of optimal technology ecosystems and services.

We take the progressive approach when it comes to all projects, allowing us to work flexibly on your terms. Our Software Development Experts with Years of Work Experience and Unique Skills in Custom Solutions will work hard to ensure the end results are up to your world-class standards.

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eSchool is an EdTech Solution that automates up to 80% of school & learning manual processes.

KJD Care Ltd

KJD Care Ltd is a domiciliary care agency, owned by a private provider. The agency is sets out to work as a team.


eZmart is a Nigeria online mall launched in Feb 2020 and our mission is to become a model for new generation online store.

W. A. Kareem & Co.

W. A. Kareem & Co. is specialised in providing consulting services, strategic and technical advice to organizations.

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Surfing the Digital Wave: Unleashing the Magic of Enterprise Web Applications

Tech enthusiasts! Buckle up because we're about to embark on a thrilling journey intothe realm of Enterprise Web Applications (EWAs)

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Navigating the App Jungle: Mobile App Development Strategies for Success

We're embarking on a thrilling expedition into the heart of the app jungle, where innovation and strategy reign supreme

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Breathing New Life into the Past: Legacy Software Modernization Strategies

Today, we're embarking on a journey through the annals of digital history to explore the art of legacy software modernization.

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